Australian Beef Exports

One of the most important industries in Australia is the beef export industry because there is a great market for beef producers to trade their livestock. Australian beefs are exported to several countries around the world and this business has been ongoing for many years to date. Aside from beef, sheep exports account to more than 50% of sheep production overseas and is also considered significant to Australian economy. Portland and Port Adelaide are among the other ports that are involved in the live sheep export. As a matter of fact, A$323 million is the total amount of the live sheep export in 2009.

Moreover, Australian beef is primarily exported to several South East Asian countries with Indonesia as the primary market for beef export. In 2009, this beef export industry was able to come up with A$662 million to the Australian economy. Red meat products that are exported around the world include chilled goat and sheep.  The Meat and Livestock Australia is continuously investing a huge amount of money to supply the overseas consumers’ demand and improve the production of sheep, goats and cattle in the entire export industry of livestock.

Actually it is not only the Meat and Livestock Australia that is investing on this project but also the LiveCorp. They implement programs that could improve the welfare of these animals as well as hiring several experts on animal welfare that could work with other staff like local veterinarians, truck drivers and stockmen. This team offers education to interested local workers, improve facilities and install equipments to develop care of these animals.

This project has made a significant impact on the lives of these animals thus making the export industry in Australia better. The beef export industry in particular is making ways in order to improve the welfare of cattle that could be exported to other countries. Australia is known for its beef industry for several years. You may check the Live Export Care website for more information or click on the links that are provided.

There is no doubt why many overseas countries continue to patronize Australian beef and other products. This is because of the great deal of care and attention given to the welfare of cattle and other animals. Thus quality of exports may it be beef, sheep or goat is guaranteed. So if you want good quality beef, think Australia and you will be pleased.